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Consultative Approach


We have a lot of experience in providing fire alarm solutions and evacuation management systems for different clients and different complex environments. Frequently a ‘one building – one transmitter’ approach fails to be cost effective:

Understanding your environment: We can help you to best exploit your existing infrastructure to focus on providing the most cost effective option which satisfies the legal requirements and is user friendly. By doing so we can exploit your strengths, please see the University of Northampton’s case study of how understanding the fire alarm infrastructure saved tens of thousands of pounds.

Exploiting your Strengths: We have a flexible approach deploying your solution. In many cases, impressive cost savings can be made by working in synergy with your partner organisations to manage the installation. Please see Imperial College London’s case study as a great example of how by working in partnership, we were able to offer very special prices in Central London.

Cost Effective: We think that fire safety systems for the disabled should be both effective and affordable. Our focus is to provide a comprehensive fire alarm for your deaf visitors, employees and residents. This is without cutting corners on safety or security. This is why our customers are frequently able to circumvent a staged deployment and go straight for complete coverage and complete peace of mind.

Expandable and Flexible: As noted above, our technology is about crafting a solution to your requirements. Our systems are designed to be expandable and integrated to the needs of our customers. We have fulfilled bomb alert, man-down and lone working requirements. Our systems are used for building management, access control and fault response.

Training and Testing: It is one thing to purchase a system; it is another to deploy a solution. Our experience allows us to understand your environment and our working environment too. We thoroughly commission our equipment and never outsource this function. We are also highly experienced at delivering training at many levels and will be happy to arrange appropriate training and site specific literature to fulfil your requirements.

High frequency transmitters that effectively cover your buildings.


Our choice of Ofcom licence underpins the high performance, safety and security of our wireless systems. The frequencies and licence types we have selected are designed for “…the use of alarms in distress situations to assist with the protection of people and/or property.” (OfW73). Since January 2009, the licencing system has changed. Further differentiating the security and potential power output available to us:

Power: Our Technically Assigned (formerly DISTRESS ALARM) licence has increased our maximum allowable power output from a significant 5 watts to an incredible 25 watts maximum. This means that the largest campuses and densest buildings are capable of coverage. To put this in context, competitive systems often operate on what is now defined as the ‘simple site licence’ with a maximum power output of just 2 watts.

Coverage: It’s not just the power, but the frequency that makes our systems so powerful. There isn’t a building we have surveyed in the last 5 years that’s needed more than one DeafWatch transmitter, the only limitation on the number of buildings we can cover is the infrastructure of the fire alarm itself. To put this in comparison, the University of Northampton’s Main Campus (89 acres) is covered from a single point at 2.1 watts of output.

Technically Assigned: Our licence is overviewed and administered by Ofcom to provide exclusive use of the frequency on your site or building. No such protection exists for simple site licences. This gives you peace of mind in that you have control over interference to your fire alarm or evacuation management system.

Flexible: Technically Assigned licences allow the operation of both two way voice communication and data comms. This allows us to build integrated solutions that best suit your working environment.

If you would like further information, a free consultation or a site survey, please contact us to discuss your requirements: