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Wireless Fire Safety Products for Disabled People

Will everyone hear your fire alarm in an emergency?

Double the range at half the price.


Everybody deserves to feel safe.


Keeping People Safe

Wireless Fire Safety Products for Disabled People.

Since 2004, Wireless Alert Solutions Limited has been consulting on, designing, manufacturing and supplying fire safety equipment specifically designed to include and help protect disabled people. We give you and your users absolute confidence in their safety when a fire alarm is raised and can provide complete coverage at a lower cost than you might think.

We are changing the culture of fire safety for disabled people, allowing you to do the right thing at the right price.

DeafWatch™ is a mobile fire alarm warning system for Deaf and Hard of hearing people. RefugeWatch™ is a wireless refuge communication or EVC system to help wheelchair and less mobile users evacuate a building.

Recent Work

Queen Mary University of London

University of Birmingham

Gower College Swansea

“At Bedford College care for our students is paramount. We are rated an ‘outstanding’ college and we feel that our commitment to high standards should be reflected in the provision to both able bodied and disabled students. We undertook to provide complete fire alarm coverage for our Deaf and hard of hearing students. This we have now achieved. Wireless Alert Solutions Limited had an refreshingly open approach to the standards and legal requirements relevant to Bedford College.

They have repeatedly demonstrated their commitment to providing value for money for the college and they worked alongside our in-house technicians and College suppliers to ensure value for money and that the system was completed to specification and within a reasonable timeframe. Wireless Alert Solutions even took the time to meet with our Deaf Studies Representative at another client site. Overall we have found them to be helpful, responsive, straightforward and good value for money.”

Margot Sauntson

Facilities Manager, Bedford College

“DeafWatch™ has turned a potential risk into a thorough success within six months. We have achieved complete coverage at a reasonable price. Their flexibility with our strategic partners and their approach to corporate responsibility has been crucial. We are very pleased with the results. For their size, Wireless Alert Solutions Limited punches comfortably above their weight.”

Andy Hammond

Support Services, Imperial College London

“Our choice of DeafWatch™ as our fire alarm for Deaf and hard of hearing individuals was based on their products combination of safety at a competitive price for both the system and the ongoing maintenance. It has proved very successful and we are pleased with the results. DeafWatch™ is a solid product and Wireless Alert Solutions Limited have proved themselves a helpful and dependable company.”

Robin Dalby

Estates Manager, Leicester College

“DeafWatch from Wireless Alert Solutions Limited has allowed us to cover more buildings with less fuss than before. We are particularly impressed with the range and penetration of the DeafWatch transmitters, and this, combined with their competitive pricing has been very satisfactory.”

Derek Harris

Senior Engineer, University of Northampton

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