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In response to the needs of their students and staff, Imperial College London have moved quickly to secure DeafWatch™ transmitters across twenty nine buildings across their main South Kensington campus and beyond. The DeafWatch™ system works across multiple buildings, providing seamless but discreet daytime and night time deaf fire alarm warnings for Deaf and hard of hearing users.

“DeafWatch™ has turned a potential risk into a thorough success within six months. We have achieved complete coverage at a reasonable price. Their flexibility with our strategic partners and their approach to corporate responsibility has been crucial. We are very pleased with the results. For their size, Wireless Alert Solutions Limited punches comfortably above their weight.”

Andy Hammond, Support Services, Imperial College London.

The campus buildings proved a significant challenge, with a predominance of heavy concrete and granite construction. Coverage was achieved using a combination of transmitters in unique buildings and clustering of buildings, saving tens of thousands of pounds by exploiting the existing infrastructure where possible.

Our approach at Imperial was to ensure that our design best exploited the fire alarm infrastructure of Imperial College London, while achieving complete coverage over a physically daunting campus, maximising cost effective pricing while providing sympathetic but comprehensive coverage. Thanks to the cost effective nature of DeafWatch™ and the ease of installation, the College have seen to expand the system further from the original requirement for two transmitters to complete campus coverage with a further twenty transmitters within eighteen months.

“Imperial College London are ranked the 3rd best university in Europe and 5th in the world. Technical quality is at the core of what they study and produce. We are immensely pleased and proud that Imperial College London chose DeafWatch™ as their product of choice. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship between our two organisations.”

Chris Durham, Managing Director – Wireless Alert Solutions Limited.